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"Comics and graphic novels. What's the story with them?"

Glad you asked.

First of all there is the publishing Company. There are several companies constantly producing comics with teams of creative people and some individual creators all around the world. 
The main ones and most recognizable being Marvel comics, DC comics , Dark Horse comics, Image comics, IDW publishing, Dynamite and Boom! Studios. There are hundreds around the world making great stories.

A comic is often 20 pages or more of printed entertainment in words and art. For the most part they come out on a monthly basis and most of the time they are episodes or chapters of a large story.  Sometimes they can be a one issue story.

What's an issue?  That is the term given to a comic to identify it or it's number. Before the internet came along and stole it, this was denoted by the symbol "# ". When you see # on a comic cover or in a catalogue it usually issue or number , eg.  #11 is issue 11.

There are some other terminologies associated with comics. 

One shot means exactly that. It is a 1 issue story that is contained in that comic.

​Variant cover is when a second or sometimes 3 or more covers exist for 1 comic.
The interior is still the exact same but different artists provide a new image for the cover.
Some are wildly available while others are harder to track down. They can be made in limited numbers. 
Sometimes retailers will have to order say 25 of cover A to get 1 issue of cover B this would be why you would sometimes see the ratio next to the issue number of 1:25 and so on.  RI means retailer incentive cover. The retailer needed to order a certain amount of the original cover issue to qualify to place orders for the RI cover.

Mini series or limited series is usually 3 or more issues where the whole story is contained in the set number of comics.

​ Annuals are yearly special issues. Sometimes they tie in to the events of the main series of a comic that is ongoing at the time of release.

Ongoing means the series has been printed on a regular basis since its 1st issue release. Sometimes the series will stop and go back to #1.
Sometimes this is for new readers to jump on or a new creative team wants a fresh start. Plus #1 are good for sales boosts to the comic companies.
When this happens sometimes the titles gets renamed as volume 2 and so forth if it has gone back to an #1.

 Reprint is usually a new duplicate copy of a story and sometimes the entire original comic that was released in the past. 
Usually they are made as an anniversary special or to celebrate a series or character.

​2nd, 3rd and more printing.
Sometimes the original print run sells out and more need to be made for public and popular demand. 
This will lead to a second printing sometime with alternate or re-coloured covers. 
The 2nd or higher print run Identifier will be placed on the front or back cover and in the description/ credits of the comic.

Trade paperback collected editions are previously printed or released comics assembled into 1 book. So you could get 3-6 comics in 1 TPB to tell a story.
These are usually referred to as volumes as well as being commonly known as graphic novels. Think of the individual comic as an episode, which would make the collected edition a boxset collection of episodes in 1 book.
Sometimes a graphic novel can come out in a hardback format book.

Original graphic novel stories standing alone from a main comic series can also be released.

The Trade Paperback collected editions and graphic novel versions usually come out shortly after the original comics series or story arc has ended.
Some people prefer to wait and collect the trade paperbacks and graphic novels for storage and display purposes. They are also a good way of getting older stories without having to track down out of print individual issues to complete the story.

​Some people like CGC graded comics or want to have them graded. This is when the comic is graded and given a value then sealed in an acrylic case.
You can’t open and read it after that or it will be devalued if it is worth anything.
We don’t offer that service. You would need to check around the internet to find anyone local who can help you with that sort of thing.

This is the overall condition of the comic or book. All ours are in a readable state. If there are damaged pages, these will be pointed out. Some people want issue that look like the day they were first printed. Depending on how they were stored, sometimes you can get near that. Truth is that most comics have been read and have been handled at some stage by human hands. Even issues that have not been read or opened will have been handled during initial transport and subsequent storage over time. They may have slight smudge of fingerprints, creases in the spine where the pages were opened, and some dents or markings on them. Any major defects will be pointed out in the item description.

      "What's the difference between a toy and an action figure?"

Usually a couple of €'s!!!  

 They are technically toys but some people and collectors like to call them action figures or collectibles. For some people it takes the stigma of buying a toy as an adult away. But honestly, no matter what age you are,  if you like it and want it, buy it. Then add it to your collection and call it what you want, but overall, enjoy it.

  "Should I open it and display it or leave it in the packaging?"

Again it's up to your own individual choice. We like to open them and display and pose them for pics or to look cool on selves or display cases. They were sculpted and engineered for a purpose. You can place them in a standing pose with hands by side , sometimes referred to as the "museum pose". You can place them in a dynamic pose or if a flight or display stand is included, put them in leaping or flying positions. If you have a favourite scene in mind from a comic or movie or game, put the figure in that stance or angle if the figure allows. Some people like to photograph their figures with backgrounds to replicate action scenes or interacting with other characters for fun. There are so many possibilities you can do. The idea is to enjoy them and have fun, be they sitting at your workspace or on a shelf in your room. The represent things that inspire you or that entertain you.

Actions figures are only offered for a limited time then they are no longer produced by their manufacturers.
Sometimes a company may re-issue a character or range depending on popularity and demand but this is very rare.
The best time to buy something is when you see it as it may no longer be available or the price may increase due to rarity.


Condition of the item. New is self explanatory. Item has never been removed from box or packaging and is as new.
Some packaging may have been damaged or bent over time but item has remained untouched inside the packaging.

Sometimes old toys need to find new homes or owners to appreciate them and add them to their collections. For this purpose we buy and sell pre-owned items. 

For some collectors it is a great way of getting an item they missed out on the first time around as many of these figures are no longer produced or are available to order from suppliers.

Pre-owned means the item has been removed from packaging and handled or displayed at some stage previous. Sometimes the item and parts can be put back into the original packaging.

Pre-owned items can come as boxed, loose but complete, or with parts/accessories missing. Packaging may also be scuffed or display shelf wear or other damage.
Each listing will have photos that display what parts and accessories will come with the item. What you see is what you are getting. 

Each pre-owned item has been checked and cleaned. Condition can range from very good to buried in a yard for years.

Please check the photos for condition and possible scratches/chipping. Anything major will be pointed out in description. If the item had a break and was previously repaired this will also be pointed out too.

If you require more photos before purchasing, please contact us via email or at any of our social media.


​Statues are pre-posed figurines that come in various sizes. They usually don't feature moving parts like on an action figure but some come with optional parts that can used to replace say an arm or head for a different look or pose. They can be made of different materials. PVC, a hard hollow but light plastic, and cold cast, a solid resin form, are the most common.


Model kits are exactly that. They are a collection of parts that you put together, sometimes with glue, and when assembled they are a finished piece representing a vehicle, figure or prop. They come in various materials but injection plastic, resin and vinyl are the most popular. For the most part they don't have as much play or poseability when finished like an action figure, but some do. Some are made with moveable parts, alternate parts and articulation in mind. Once assembled you can also add paint and decals/stickers to the built kit for added detail. Or you can customize them anyway you want with your own ideas if you desire.

    ​"I have comics and figures I no longer want or have space for.  Can I trade them in?"

If you have collections of toys, model kits or comics that you wish to sell or trade in, feel free to send us photos and details about them to 

We will get back to you with a quote for them. Once a quote is given and provisionally agreed on we can then arrange inspection and collection. We can arrange cash or credit for them. 

We don't offer a valuation service for comics or collectibles. For that type of thing you way want to search around Google.

"I bought something from the site. What happens now?

First of all, THANK YOU for making a purchase from Heroes and Villains Ireland. and supporting local Irish business.

We are collectors and fans ourselves so we know what it is like with the anticipation of waiting on a new action figure or comic to arrive.

Once you have completed checkout on our site you will be notified that your order is been processed. Orders will be posted out the next business day and proof of postage and a tracking number, if applicable, will be provided. 

Please note that some packages under 500g may not come with a tracking number. Comics will be placed in a comic bag and boarded for postage.

In Ireland please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. All items are posted via An Post.
Some items may reach you sooner. This is due to the good work of your local post team.

For the U.K.,  Europe, and other destinations, delivery times may vary due to the international shipping crisis at the moment. Items shipped outside of Ireland will be posted via An Post Registered post and will have a tracking number provided on dispatch.

Customers in Ireland and member states of the European Union should not have to pay extra charges on delivery of the item(s) to your door.

Customers in the U.K. and other destinations around the world, please be aware that you may have to pay extra custom charges by your local government or carrier on delivery. We have no control over this and are not responsible for payment of such custom charges.

   "I bought something but don't want it now that is has arrived."

As long as the item is not opened or played with/ handled, we can arrange a refund/gift voucher or exchange depending on if the item is still in stock/available to order within 14 days of initial order/ purchase.  Please note that many of our items are pre-owned/second hand items and are identified as such in their descriptions. 

Please contact us within 14 days of receiving the goods. Toys, action figures, comics, graphic novels and books that come sealed, they must be left untouched and in original package the way they arrived to you and not removed/ read or this will devalue them and result in only a partial refund. If you wish to return an item then you cover postage of item back to us. We refund the cost of the item, not the postage. You can also deliver it in person back to us if you wish. You must contact us in advance to arrange this.

If the item arrives damaged by the delivery company or is faulty, please contact us immediately so we can arrange an exchange or refund.


Please note that many of our items are no longer in production or available to be ordered in again so you may not get an exact replacement depending on the situation. A refund/ Gift card will be issued if this happens.

                  "Can I use/share photos of your products?"

 Absolutely you can. Don't be afraid to share our images from here or posts on any of our social media.  We will do our best to post pictures of the actual physical item. In the case of pre-ordered or items not yet released, we will use stock items provided by suppliers til the actual item arrives in stock.

"I'm going to be in Dublin someday. Can I collect an order?"

 You certainly can. Order collection in person can be arranged for a location in Swords.

Please select "ORDER PICK UP" then a time on designated days at checkout to arrange collection of your order. Order pick-ups are only for collection on certain days and times so make sure to check the days available.

You can also contact us at and we will confirm collection time and day. Collection Location will be on your order details. Please have your order number and order confirmation to hand when collecting.

In some cases, we can also arrange to meet in Dublin city center for collection of orders.

For this option put Dublin in as your address and zipcode/eircode as D01 F5P2 when prompted. To choose local delivery in Dublin City on O' Connell Street, select "DUBLIN CITY CENTER ORDER COLLECTION" at checkout.   Collection times and days are available at checkout.

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